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Curriculum Vitae
Rhetoric and Writing
Teaching Interests
As a teacher, I strongly believe in the importance of a humanities education while also supporting students' need for public and professional preparation. I incorporate course materials and research projects that students can apply outside the classroom, that they can use for their job search, and that will help them become ethical members of their local, national, or global communities.
Undergraduate courses

The undergraduate program emphasis in Rhetoric and Writing is housed in Northern Arizona University's Department of English where students in our undergraduate program can receive a Certificate in Rhetoric and Writing. This 15-credit program allows students to study and apply the principles of rhetoric in education and workplace settings. Here are some of the courses I have taught in the undergraduate program:

  • Principles of Rhetoric
  • Literacy, Language, and Bias
  • Advanced Writing for Different Communities
  • Seminar in Rhetoric: The Language of Gender, Race, Class, and Politics
  • Seminar in Rhetoric: Gendered Language Uses

For a full list of undergraduate courses, browse the Undergraduate Course Catalog


Graduate courses

The graduate program emphasis in Rhetoric and the Teaching of Writing is one of the premier online programs for Master's candidates interested in a career in education, non-profit organizations, and business and professional writing groups. Courses focus on rhetorical analysis, theories of writing, document design, editing and usability testing, document management, web design, and literacy studies. Here are some of the courses I have taught in the graduate program:

  • Graduate Composition
  • The History of Composition Studies
  • Rhetoric and Cultures
  • Language and Diversity
  • Writing Theory and Practice
  • Rhetorical Approaches to Travel Writing
  • Writing in Professional Communities
  • Computers in Composition
  • Technologies and Visual Literacies
  • Teaching Assistantship Practicum
  • Directed Project Workshop
  • Graduate Research

For program information on the M.A. in Rhetoric and the Teaching of Writing, browse the program's informational website.

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