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Curriculum Vitae
Rhetoric and Writing
Condensed Curriculum Vitae
I enjoy working on new ideas, collaborating, and writing. I always learn the unexpected from my writing ventures and my research. You can check out a more extensive CV after you browse through the abbreviated version listed below.

My publications are representative of my strong interest in literacy, community action, feminst practices, and new media practices. Here is a sampling of recent work:

Gruber, Sibylle (with Nancy G. Barron and Scott G. Guenthner). “Imagining Social Action: Tailoring Multimedia Production to the First-Year Writing Classroom.” Service Learning in the Composition Classroom, ed. Susan Garza. Fountainhead Press, 2013. pp. 121-132.

Gruber, Sibylle. “Being International, Being Different: Teaching and Learning in Motion.” Journal of Multiculturalism in Education 7.2 (2012), pp. 1-22.

Gruber, Sibylle. “Participatory Culture, New Media, and Civic Engagement: A Generation Who Dares to Hope.” Technologies for Enhancing Pedagogy, Engagement and Empowerment in Education: Creating Learning-Friendly Environments, eds. Thao Lê and Quynh Lê. IGI Global, 2012, pp. 147-159.

Gruber, Sibylle (with Nancy G. Barron). “Responsible Knowledge Workers: Rhetoric, Media, and the 3rd Environment.” The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society 7.2 (2011), pp. 153-166.

Gruber, Sibylle. “Student Engagement and Teacher Practices: Using Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign for Learning Purposes.” The Journal of Effective Teaching, 11.1 (2011), pp. 45-61.

Gruber, Sibylle. “Technological Literacy in First-Year Composition: Implementing a Module Approach.” The Journal of Literacy and Technology 11.1 (April 2010): pp. 132-164.

Gruber, Sibylle. “When Theory and Practice Collide: Becoming a Feminist Practitioner.” Feminism and Administration in Rhetoric and Composition Studies, eds Rebecca Rickley and Krista Radcliffe. Hampton Pres, 2010.

Gruber, Sibylle (with Nancy G. Barron). “Assessing the Intersections of Rhetorics, Technologies, and Bodies.” The Journal of Literacy and Technology 9.2 (August 2008): pp. 2-34.

Gruber Sibylle (with Nancy G. Barron). “Diversity Reconsidered: Teaching U.S. Heterogeneity in a Border State.” The International Journal of Diversity in Organisations, Communities and Nations 7.4 (2007): pp. 195-208.

Gruber, Sibylle. Literacies, Experiences, and Technologies: Reflective Practices of an Alien Researcher. Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press, 2007.

Gruber, Sibylle (with Nancy Barron and Nancy Grimm), eds. Social Change in Diverse Teaching Contexts: Touchy Subjects and Routine Practices. New York, Peter Lang Publishing, 2006.


I enjoy presenting at conferences, getting feedback on my work, and learning from my colleagues. Here are some recent conference presentations:

“Active Learning, Public Writing, and Informed Blogging: 21st Century Approaches to Teaching and Learning.” SWPACA Conference, Albuquerque, NM (February 2014).

“Literary Journeys, Individual Travels: Discovering Fictions and Truths.” PAMLA Conference, San Diego, CA (November 2013).

“Ideologies in Online Learning: Student Liberties and Student Rights.” SWTX PCA Conference, Albuquerque, NM (February 2013).

“Ethical Travel Writing: Perspectives on Writing as an Outsider.” FWPCA/FWACA Conference, Las Vegas, NV (February 2013).

“Civic Participation beyond the Online Classroom.” Computers and Writing Conference, Ann Arbor, MI (May 2011).

“New Learning and Participatory Citizenship.” Technology, Knowledge, and Society, Bilbao, Spain (March 2011).

Cultural Multiplicities: Austrian Identity and U.S. Systems.” Modern Austrian Literature and Culture Association, Wien, Austria (May 2010).

“Documentary to Social Action: Curriculum Changes and the WPA’s Challenges.” Computers and Writing, Davis, CA (June 2009).

“Townhall Meeting: Computing for Sustainability” Computers and Writing, Davis, CA (June 2009). Invited Speaker.

“Teaching Global Issues in Local Contexts: Practicing the Rhetoric of Social Action.” Conference on College Composition and Communication, San Francisco (March 2009).

“Gendered Language in a Technology-Rich Environment.” The 29th PCA/ACA Conference, Albuquerque, NM (February 2008).

“Teaching Cultural Accountability and Responsibility.” The 29th PCA/ACA Conference, Albuquerque, NM (February 2008).

Full Curriculum Vitae

Check out my full CV at your leisure.

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