EXAM Information

WOO HOO ....... All three exams are over .. finished .. done!!! 

Please check the Final Information Link!!!!


This link will eventually have the lists of potential information for the upcoming exam. It will include the "long list" which comes about a week before the exam and then the "short list" which will be available after the exam content is exactly known.

The THIRD hour exam is Thursday, April 22!!   Exams typically are  multiple-choice and consist of 25-33 questions and is worth a total of 100 points.   A Scantron sheet is used for grading your responses and will be provided to you with the exam.  All materials will be provided to you except for a calculator and pencil.   PDAs (Palm etc. hand held computers), IPODS, are not allowed during the exam, only calculators.  All Cell Phones must be turned OFF and removed from your desk.  There is no penalty for guessing on these exams and so answer every question.

You may start the exam early (that is 8:50 for the 9:10 am class and 11:10 for the 11:30 class) if we have access to the rooms early.

Because the other section of class is taking an exam right after ours, we MUST cut the exam time off at 10:10 sharp or 12:30 sharp.


The third exam will start where the second one ended.  That is,  Exam #3 will start with the material in Chapter 8 (size of atoms, ions, ionization energy, electron affinity, etc.).  It will cover all of Chapters 9, 10, and most all of Chapter 5.

At the moment the exam looks to have 28 multiple-choice questions (similar format to Exams #1 and #2) and

5 Questions from Chapter 8
9 Questions from Chapter 9
9 Questions from Chapter 10
5 Questions from Chapter 5

The exam looks to have about 6 "mathy" questions and a lot of Lewis dot structures!!!!   Practice your Lewis Dot Structures !!


Long List

Short List

Exam Useful Stuff Table

Lewis Dot Structure Guidelines

Practice Lewis Dot Structures

Bond Energy Table from Text

Periodic Table like on Last Page of Exam

Quiz and Exam Keys
   Scanned Quiz and Exam Keys