SCA Rapier Information

This page is intended as a resource for information about rapier fighting in the Kingdom of Atenveldt in the Society for Creative Anachronism. Links to other Kingdom pages will also be included. If you are in the SCA and would like to see a copy of the Atenveldt Rapier rules Click here (The rules have been signed by the Crown and were published in the August 1998 Southwind). The old rules may be found here. If you have any questions about fencing in Atenveldt please contact the Kingdom Marshal, His Lordship Senan.

In Anno Societatis XXVIII the Crown of Atenveldt instituted the Order of the Defenders of the White Scarf. This order is a companion order to that used in other Kingdoms (including Ansteora and the Outlands). It is the highest award for fencing in the Kingdom.

In AS 32, Aaron and Alisandra approved and signed the charter for the Atenveldt Academy and Company of Fence. This guild is similar in setup to the London masters of Defense although it is managed by the members of the order itself and not by a core group of individuals at the top. You may click here to view the charter and oath.

Other Fencing Information

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