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Read, Watch and Critique

We have some serious movie watching and book reading to do! There are six ways to evaluate the books and movies. Each takes a look at different perspectives in understanding special education and the students we hope to serve. In some cases we look at the role of parents, society, economics. In some cases we look at how we tend to treat one another.

Three main purposes are served by this assignment.

The first is to get a better perspective on the disabilities and learn how they affect everyone involved..

The second is to see how our culture and perspectives are affecting those who have disabilities and the way we serve them and perceive them. It's one of those Gordian knots - a puzzle within a conundrum.

The third is to see humanity -- people instead of issues. It's asking for heart as understanding.

Follow these steps to complete the assignment.

  1. Identify five service areas of special significance or personal interest. Remember, these will be selected from the ten service categories: (If you click on the word in this table it will take you to the secret files).
    * Autism Communications issues Emotional disturbances
    * Hearing impairment * Health Impairments * Traumatic brain injury
    Learning Disabilities * Mental Retardation * Orthopedic impairment
    * Visual impairment
    *If you were interested in any of the following categories of disability: Orthepedic Impairment, Health Impairment, Mental Retardation, Autism or TBI, you can learn more about Low -incidence disabilities and related training opportunities by visiting the IMPACT PROJECT website. Take me to the ImPACT website.
      You may also choose from : At-risk Gifted
  2. You can also click on these cells for a short list of movies and books

    Autism Communications EBD
    Hearing impairment Health problems TBI
    LD DD/ MR Orthopedic
    Visual At-risk * not an IDEA category Gifted * not an IDEA category

  3. Identify five (required) books or movies to watch that depict the categories you choose. Feel free to get excited and watch many more for personal insight and entertainment. Use the FAQ's link for a quick list of professor favorites. There are comprehensive lists of good choices in the secret files.. In addition, each text gives suggestions at the end of the chapters. Identify five books or movies to watch that depict the categories you choose.
  4. There are six critique options from which you may choose. They are detailed below. Choose critiques that fit the movie of book you are watching. There is a link to each critique option. There is a link on each critique that will allow you to send in your assignment electronically.

Assignment Summary

  • 2000+ choices of books and movies to choose from
  • Books and movies are equally appropriate - either or a combination will do
  • Read five books or watch five movies (5 are required)
  • Choose a critique option that fits with your review (5 critiques will be turned in, 4 different kinds are required-the options that are starred below ) -- Could you watch one movie and do five different critiques of that one movie? Not an option - sorry!
  • OK, OK, I get it!! Five different movies or books, over five different categories with five reports (four different kinds).

Can I watch them with my buddies and sip a carrot smoothie? ABSOLUTELY!

How about some popcorn?

Critique Options