Secondary Curriculum
Fall 2008

ECI 322/522



Professional Growth Teacher Dispositions
Taxonomy Objectives

Arizona State Standards

Sedona Power Point

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Assignment sheet ECI 322

Assignment Sheet ECI 522

Practicum Time Sheet You can use this to keep track of your hours.

Week 16
December 10
For those who can attend, we will have class at our regular meeting time at 9:00a.m. Curriculum guides, peer assessments, Final, and any make up work is due at this time.

It's all gotta be non stop ad libbing within each chorus, or the gig is shot.
- Jack Kerouac

Previous Weeks

Week 1
Wednesday August 27
Illustrate your passion for teaching your content area and how you will be a change agent in education.

"My (Foley, 2001) educational philosophy is about education as freedom,where individuals can deal critically and creatively with their reality so they may 'see the world unveiled'" (Freire, 1993, 21).

"Each and every educator must strive to be an effective change agent." (Fullan, 1993, p 13)

"Critical Pedagogy is a way of thinking about, negotiating, and transforming the relationship among classroom teaching, the production of knowledge, the institutional structures of the school, and the social and material relations of the wider community, society, and nation state" (Mc laren, 1998, p45).

"Critical pedagogy is a complex notion that asks much of the practitioners who embrace it. Teaching a critical pedagogy involves more than learning a few pedagogical techniques and the knowledge required by the curriculum, the standards, or the textbook. Critical teachers must understand not only a wide body of subject matter but also the political structure of the school" (Kincheloe, 2008, p2).

Week 2
Wednesday September 3
Contributions: Amy Badger
We will put our illustration puzzles together and interpret them.
We will also go over the schedules for the Sedona visit and decide on transportation.

Read Eisner Chapter IV
Eisner Reader's guide
Read Abowitz

Use Abowitz's discription of discourse and Eisner's five dimensions of the ecology of schooling as tools for interpreting and 'reading' Sedona Red Rock High School's web-site. Interpret at least 3 areas of the web site,for example: home, academics, staff.

Write up(almost a page) your examination of the web site to use for discussion and to turn in after class on Wednesday September 3.

Professional Growth Reflection #1 Demonstrate Respect
Professional Growth Reflection
#2 Demonstrate Initiative

Week 3
Wednesday September 10
Go to Sedona
Leave the back parking lot of the Eastburn Education building at 7:00 a.m. Arrive at Sedona Red Rock High School by 8:00a.m.to attend full faclty meeting in Karyl Goldsmith's room D 115.
Professional Growth Reflection #3 Demonstrate Social Intelligence Hand this into Moussa
Observation #1 Take this with you. It is due Wednesday 9/17.

Week 4
Wednesday September 17
Contribution: Natalie Uptain and Tara Nunimaker
We will review data collected about the discourse of Sedona Red Rock High School
We will discuss the following articles. The reader guides are to help you with your reading and prepare for discussion.They do not need to be turned in.
Read Angostinone-Wilson/ Reader Guide
Read Kohn:Professors Who Profess/Reader Guide
Palmer:Teaching from the Heart/Reader Guide

Hand in Observation #1
Hand in Professional Growth Reflection #4 Demonstrate Creativity

Week 5
September 24
Contribution: Debbie Hammer and Tara Nunimaker
Professional Growth Reflection #5 Establish credible reputation
Read Eisner Chapter V and Kohn: Progressive Schools
Items below should help you with your philosophy of education paper.
Power point on Philosophy
Posner on Perspectives
Critical Pedagogy Chapter a, b, c , d, e, f
Scope and Sequence Assignment

Week 6
October 1
Go to Sedona
Driver Schedule
Sedona class Schedule
Professional Growth Reflection #6 Demonstrate reliability
Philosophy of Education DRAFT 322/522 due

October 8
Contribution: Duane Edwards; Tara Thompson
Professional Growth Reflection #7 Pursue Personal Wellness
Observation #2

Week 8
October 15
Professional Growth Reflection #8 Exhibit Academic competence
Trip to Sedona Red Rock High School

Schedule #3

Intern Teacher Feed Back Form Here are the ideas for feedback that we created in class. Please fill one out if you are planning to observe a fellow intern teach.

Meet in the Teacher's Lounge at 8:00 a.m. We have discussed wearingprofessional clothes other than your NAU shirts. That is fine. Just remember modesty and conservatism in your apparel. :)

Observation #3 is in the form of a survey or questions for students or mentor teacher. These inquiries should be taken from you Observation #2. What might explain some of the inconsistencies that you witnessed?

Please send me a copy of your questions by Monday 10/13.

Week 9
October 22

Contribution: Justin Schmittendorf, Kacie Flake
Professional Growth Reflection #9 Life Long Learning
Philosophy of Education Due
Discuss Observation #2

Work on signature assignment and Rubric
Bring to class an article and/or a professional journal that has an educational trend that your are interested in.

Week 10
October 29
Trip to Sedona. Foley car is leaving the parking lot at 9:00 a.m.
We will meet as a group in the Teacher's Lounge @ 10:00
Professional Growth Reflection #10 Demonstrate Reflective Practice

Week 11
November 5
Contribution: Natalie Uptain
Professional Growth Reflection #11 Act in Collaborative Manner
Trends Paper Draft Due
AEPA Presentation on Professional and Content Testing for certification
Go over Curriculum Guide Assignment
Curriculum Worksheet

Week 12
November 12
Contribution: Jessica Davis
Professional Growth Reflection # 12 Affirm/Nurture
Work on curriculum guides: Themes and Sub-themes;
Rationale and Audience

Peer Group Assessment

Week 13
November 19
Contribution: Michael Bell and Dare O'Ravitz

Professional Growth Reflection # 13 Demonstrate Student centered philosophy
Work on Curriculum guides: Objectives, Service Learning, Exhibition
Step by Step to Creating a curriclum guide
Week 14
November 26
Contribution: Vivian Miller
Each person should bring a draft of the section you are responsible for. We will work on creating a power point and flyer for your Sedona presentaion.
Prepare for Sedona final group visit.
Example Power Points 1 , 2
, 3
Example Flyer

Week 15
December 3

We will eliminate Observation #5
Drive to Sedona

The Foley car will leave the NAU parking lot at 7:30.
We will meet in Sedona in the Teacher's Lounge at 8:30.
We will then set up in three rooms for the presentations.
D103 Tree Bend
D116 Stewards
D123 Unkown