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American Indian Education

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American Indian Reading and Literacy Links

(updated May 29, 2024)

National Indian Education Association Recommended K-12 Reading List

The Power of Five Hundred Books 2016 NABE Perspectives Article

Teaching Reading to American Indian and Alaska Native Students 2001 ERIC Digest

Literacy and School Success 2001 NABE News Column

Supporting Emergent Literacy among Young American Indian Students 1990 ERIC Digest

Reading First, Literacy, and American Indian Students. 2008, Journal of American Indian Education

The Imperative of Literacy Motivation When Native Children Are Being Left Behind 2008, Journal of American Indian Education

Indian Reading Series Stories and Legends of the Northwest

Reading & Writing to Create Yourself August 2006 Native American Review Article

Reading, Writing & Finding Sovereignty April 2006 Indian Education Today Article

Recommended Native Children's Books

General Reading/Literacy Links

Family Literacy Links

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