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Step # 4: Customer Management

Topic 1: Understand Buyer Motivation

Input (10/06/99)


Doctor Mac here.
Welcome to another session of Hospitality Sales Management

This is

PHASE TWO: Supply and Demand Strategy

Step # 4: Customer Management

Topic 1: Understand Buyer Motivation


In the last session, you completed Step # 3 of the 8 step Consultative Selling Model. Step # 3 taught you the importance of Product/Service Management. In one topic you became familiar with:
1. Products/Services as Problem-solving tools for Customers
2. Products/Services are first visible "features" but most importantly "benefits" that
solve customer problems. The customer buys "benefits" not "features."
3. Products/Services viewed as a 4 level model of differing "benefits," AND
4. Products/Services as "value" producers from the customer's viewpoint and thus,
"differentiation" and "competitive-advantage" from the seller's viewpoint.

This information provided you knowledge and perspective of the necesessity to become an expert in products andservices in order to develop professionally. Successful professionals intimately know their own products/services and those of their competitors so that they can fully address their customers needs..

We now will move to a new Step of the Consultative Selling Model. Step # 3 focused on products and services or the "supply" side of Phase 2.
Step # 4: Customer Management focuses on "demand." What motivates the customer to buy from one supply as opposed to another?

In topic # 1 of Step #4, you will learn about the underlying motivation theories that attempt to explain why customers buy. You will learn that salespeople must focus on the "buying process" and the "value" that a seller can creat in the buying process. Customers choose the greatest value.

The purpose of this topic is to change the way that you perceive selling. Instead of focusing on techniques of the selling process, successful sellers focus on the cutomer's "buying process." In fact, they make sure that their "selling process" parallels the "buying process."

When you have completed this topic, you should:

1. Know the major motivation theories attempting to explain buyer behavior
2. Know the "buying process" and at what points in this process sellers can create value, AND
3. Know the major "needs" of Meeting Planners as they attempt to decide which hospitality products/services to buy.


In this topic, you learned that customers buy the greatest amount of value received. The salesperson's job is to accurately understand and create value in the "buying process."

The next discussion Continues Step # 4: Customer Management. In Topic 2, we will learn how to actively manage customer databases. We will learn that the art of consultative selling is combined with the science of systematic selling management.

So, let's get to work!

This is Dr. Mac saying, "Persevere and be of good cheer!"

Reading time: Approximately 2 minutes.

Once you have finished you should:

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