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CAVEAT: This Course is INTENSIVE and ALL assignments are Due 5PM Fridays of WEEK ASSIGNED

You will NOT be given credit for LATE ASSIGNMENTS!

To complete this assignment successfully, you should:

  1. Study the assignment carefully
  2. Respond to each question in the space provided
  3. Fill in your Name and Email address
  4. Send the Assignment

Please read the letter of understanding below. When you finish the letter, use the textbox below to indicate that you have read, understood and agree with the contents of the letter of understanding. 


Welcome to the web-based version of HA 400-Hospitality Sales Management).

This course is considerably different from traditional classroom-based courses. Your professor will be your guide on a "self-learning adventure". He is a "guide" or "coach" / "leader" who helps you and your classmate "team" to become successful by providing resources and guidance. This approach is significantly different than a more authoritarian "manager" approach (lecture classroom) where you might look to the professor to find ALL answers.

Your are expected to be a self-learner. You will learn on your own based on a structure designed to develop concepts, skills and critical thinking. Yet, you are not alone on this learning adventure. You will draw upon support and insights from your classmates. And, your professor, will always be there for you as a guide. We are all on this journey together.


This course is not for everyone. It requires you to:

1. be capable of working on your own,
2. be willing to learn new skills,
3. enjoy independently & collaboratively seeking out answers,
4. carefully read all material,
5. collaborate with other students in the class,
6. be willing to help other students, and
7. have a sense of adventure, and
8. submit ALL assignments on time.

"Letter of Understanding"

1. I understand that this course is very different from traditional college courses and must adopt a new way of approaching learning.

2. I understand that I can not make up work that is not completed by the deadline and agree to meet all deadlines regardless of other  circumstances that may arise during the semester. I may need to work ahead if I am participating in school sponsored activities on the day the assignment is due. I understand that it is necessary to make arrangements to complete my work if family or other emergencies interrupt my normal schedule. This includes job interviews.

3. I agree to seek help by first going to the conference center to ask my  questions, reread instructions, use the help program, and/or post my
questions to the course listserv.

4. I agree to help other students solve problems (using the course listserv and "chat" conference center) and that this is my responsibility in a "participatory" and team oriented course.

5. I understand that my professor is my "guide" (to facilitate my self-learning process) and that I am on an adventure with many uncertainties.

6. I understand that this course is a collaborative effort: Students and professor will be working together to help each other learn.

7. I understand that the primary means of communicating in this class is by "electronic" means, thus, I will regularly check my accounts: (a) e-mail, (b) conference center, and (c) course web page. At a minimum I will check Monday mornings and Friday afternoons

8. I understand that this "Self- learning" Style of Class is not for everyone and will decide early in the semester if this method of learning is not appropriate for me. I will then consult with my professor about the advisability of dropping the course and select another learning method.


For accepting terms, please provide the following information:

Your Name:
Your Email address:

Once you have filled in the areas above, click the Accept button below to send your response to the instructor.


Send E-mail to Richard G McNeill Ed.D., CHME
or call (520) 523-1713

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