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HA400 : The Class : Professional : Sales Functions : Synthesis Question

Synthesis Question, P1, S1, T4

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PHASE I, STEP # 1, TOPIC 4 -Sales Management Functions

In the Hotel industry, salespeople are commonly called "Sales Managers" (they manage their customer accounts). These hotel salespeople are supervised and managed by executives called "Directors" (in a hotel' marketing department, these executives go by the names: (a) "Director of Marketing" who manages the entire department and who delegates the specific managament of sales to, (b) "Director of Sales" who is directly responsible for the salespeople but not any other marketing duties, and (c) "Director of Sales and Marketing" who combines the roles of the previous two positions.

This question deals with the general functions of a "Director of Sales" and the responsibilities associated with this function. FULLY answer the following questions:

1. What are the functions of a "Director of Sales?"

Online text reading divides these functions into two "primary" areas: "Managing" and "Designing" the sales force. Name and fully describe the major functions and their component parts. NOTE: To receive full credit you must demonstrate thorough understanding of the question.

a. Designing the sales force (describe the five components)

b. Managing the sales force (describe the five components)

2. Regarding your reading of the articles "Sales Management in Tough Times:"

a. In your own words, describe the three strategies in volving "channels of distribution" that can help to make selling more profitable.

b. In your own words and regarding a recessionary environment, what is the problem regarding the so called "recession rookies?"

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