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HA405 : The Class : Professional : Salespeople : Synthesis Question

Assignment 1: Synthesis Question, P1, S1, T5

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PHASE I, STEP # 1, TOPIC 5 -Hospitality Salespeople and Organizations

This synthesis question asks you to comment on the various attributes of a successful salesperson (from website activity) and to describe the sales department organization of a typical hotel. FULLY answer the following questions in your own words (no cut and pasting):

1. Regarding the Attributes of a Successful Salesperson (From Web Activity)

a. Why is the art of salesmanship the absence of salesmanship?
b. Fully describe the 4 attributes of great salespeople.
c. Professional Management in the "consultative selling model" encompasses three sets of skills. Describe the skill set areas:
(1) Knowledge
(2) Relationship Building
(3) Commmuncation

2. Professional Management also requires a solid understanding of how a salesforce and sales department is organized. Your online reading fully describes the sales department organization in a typical hotel (Note that most hospitality sales departments are similarly organized).

a. What is the difference between "line" and "staff" departments?
b. How is the sales department perceived within the organizational sturcture of the hotel as a whole?
c. Why is it necessary for the sales department to assume authority over other departments?
d. What three elements are crucial in structuring a sales office and why is each important?
e. Briefly describe each of the job positions typically found in a hotel sales department; do these vary between large and small properties?

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