Courses Taught at NAU 1990 - 2013

ESL Classes in the Program in Intensive English  
Intercultural Communication
Multi-media class
Reading class
Computer class

ESL Methods for Secondary Teachers (SIOP)
Language in the US
Grammar and Usage
Senior Seminar in Corpus Linguistics
Introduction to Statistics

Reading and writing in Applied Linguistics
Cross cultural aspects of second language teaching
Fundamentals of Second Language teaching
Professional Development: 1st year MA TESL; 2nd year MA TESL; Ph.D. students
Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL)
Curriculum and Program Administration
ESL Methods and Materials: Reading and writing
ESL Methods and Materials: Listening and speaking
ESL Methodology and materials
Introduction to American language and thought
TESL Practicum

Topics in TESL:  Corpus-based materials development
Research and Statistics
Graduate Research
Corpus Linguistics: Introduction and overview
Professional Development Series:1st year MA TESL; 2nd Year MA TESL; Ph.D. Applied   
Numerous independent studies

Ph.D. seminars
Corpus linguistics and Language Teaching
Corpus linguistics and CALL: Exploring the interface