Teaching Indigenous Languages  

Revitalizing Indigenous Languages

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edited by Jon Reyhner, Gina Cantoni, Robert N. St. Clair, and Evangeline Parsons Yazzie

Copyright 1999 by Northern Arizona University

Table of Contents

Publication Information

Repatriated Bones, Unrepatriated Spirits
Richard Littlebear
Introduction: Some Basics of Indigenous Language Revitalization
Jon Reyhner

Obstacles and Opportunities for Language Revitalization
1. Some Rare and Radical Ideas for Keeping Indigenous Languages Alive
Richard Littlebear

2. Running the Gauntlet of an Indigenous Language Program
Steve Greymorning

Language Revitalization Efforts and Approaches
3. Sm’algyax Language Renewal: Prospects and Options
Daniel S. Rubin

4. Reversing Language Shift: Can Kwak’wala Be Revived
Stan J. Anonby

5. Using TPR-Storytelling to Develop Fluency and Literacy in Native American Languages
Gina P. Cantoni

6. Documenting and Maintaining Native American Languages for the 21st Century: The Indiana University Model
Douglas R. Parks, Julia Kushner, Wallace Hooper, Francis Flavin, Delilah Yellow Bird, Selena Ditmar

* Native Language for Every Subject: The Cree Language of Instruction Project
Barbara Burnaby, Marguerite MacKenzie, Luci Bobbish Salt

The Role of Writing in Language Revitalization
7. The Place of Writing in Preserving an Oral Language
Ruth Bennett, Pam Mattz, Silish Jackson, Harold Campbell

8. Indigenous Language Codification: Cultural Effects
Brian Bielenberg

Using Technology in Language Revitalization
9. Enhancing Language Material Availability Using Computers
Mizuki Miyashita and Laura A. Moll
10. The New Mass Media and the Shaping of Amazigh Identity
Amar Almasude

11. Self-Publishing Indigenous Language Materials
Robert N. St. Clair, John Busch, B. Joanne Webb


* This paper was inadvertently left out of the published conference proceedings and has been added back into the internet version. The editors wish to apologize to Barbara Burnaby, Marguerite MacKenzie, and Luci Bobbish Salt for the oversight.

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