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"The art of government is not that mechanical process of driving an inert machine by the force of a single sovereign will, of which rulers like Lenin and Mussolini constantly dream, but the delicate task of coordinating the actions of partially independent living organisms. And all the psychological and physiological arts by which unity of action is to some degree secured within the individual human organism are of this type."   -Graham Wallas, The Art of Thought

Graduate School?
If you are thinking about a future that involves natural resources and environmental policy and management please contact me to discuss the opportunities at NAU.    Our programs are interdisciplinary and designed to suit the needs and interests of the individual student.  Entry is competitive and the program is rigorous but our environmental students hold important government positions and teach in well respected universities all over the country. For more info go HERE.


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The world is finite, resources are scarce, Things are bad and will get worse. Coal is burned and gas exploded, Forests cut and soils eroded. Wells are dry and air's polluted, Dust is blowing, trees uprooted. Oil is going, ores depleted, Drains receive what is excreted. Land is sinking, seas are rising, Man is far too enterprising. Fire will rage with Man to fan it, Soon we'll have a plundered planet. People breed like fertile rabbits. People have disgusting habits. Moral: The evolutionary plan Went astray by evolving Man.


Man's potential is quite terrific, You can't go back to the Neolithic. The cream is there for us to skim it, Knowledge is power, and the sky's the limit. Every mouth has hands to feed it, Food is found when the people need it. All we need is found in granite Once we have the man to plan it. Yeast and algae give us meat, Soil is almost obsolete. Men can grow to pastures greener Till all the earth is Pasadena. Moral: Man's a nuisance, Man's a crackpot, But only Man can hit the jackpot.

Diet for a small planet (or how to survive on a student's income and be healthy).

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